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My journey

Juwon Lawal Razaq, a Nigerian-born businessman and serial entrepreneur, has forged a remarkable career marked by diverse business ventures and a commitment to sustainable business models. Born in Kogi State, Nigeria, he spent his formative years in Lagos, where he gained early business experience managing his father's palm oil extraction business.

Educationally, Razaq holds a BSc in Business Administration and an MBA in Business Administration and Management from Ambrose Alli University, Ekpoma, Edo State. His academic journey also includes professional executive training in agribusiness from Harvard Business School.

Razaq's entrepreneurial journey commenced with the establishment of Stevepel Energy Resources Limited in 2007, focusing on oil marketing and training. By 2009, he ventured into marine logistics services, founding S. T. & L. Bunkers Ltd, which later transformed into ABD Fuels Plc. This bunkering firm, a corporate member of the International Bunker Industry Association (IBIA), supplied marine fuels along the West African coast and expanded into lubricant production in 2010.

The transformation journey continued as ABD Fuels evolved into S8 Contractors and eventually into diverse entities within Africent Group. Headquartered in Logistics City Dubai World Central, UAE, Africent Group operates in West Africa, the UAE, and the UK, with interests spanning Commodities, Metals & Mining Agriculture, and Retail. Africent Industries, formerly Oillet Services, was incorporated in 2013, specializing in palm kernel oil and cake production and soybean oil processing.

In 2009, Razaq founded AfricentOCL, initially based in West Africa and later headquartered in London. This company has been involved in global maritime operations, excelling in marine fuel brokerage, oil exploration, and shipping brokerage services.

Juwon Lawal Razaq has received notable recognition for his achievements. ABD Fuels was the recipient of the 2012 Young Achievers Awards for Marine Logistics Provider of the Year. In 2013, Razaq himself was honored with the title of Young Entrepreneur of the Year by the Global Excellence Recognition Awards. His contributions were further acknowledged when he was designated as the UN Eminent Peace Ambassador of the Year in 2020.

Razaq is actively engaged on the international stage, regularly participating in events such as the International Petroleum Week (IP) Week and The Africa Forum. His induction into the Forbes Business Council in 2020 reflects his leadership, management, customer engagement, technology, and growth expertise.

An entrepreneur with a vision, Razaq passionately believes in Nigeria's economic growth. He sees thriving small businesses as a true reflection of a country's economic well-being, expressing optimism for the future. This organized overview provides insights into Juwon Lawal Razaq's entrepreneurial endeavors, diverse enterprises, awards, and international engagements.